* Nov/Dec Cooking Class

While I would have loved to be at both classes these past two months, that just didn't happen.

First of all, for the first time in FIVE years the classes for November were both canceled. Understandable though, because with the cooking class teacher being sick- the kitchen is CLOSED!

Then in December- I have a new work schedule for my serving job and I ended up having to work on the one class for the month.

Even with me missing out, I was able to try one of the recipes while my Mom made them as an "experiment meal" Sunday night the week of class.

I missed out on the following menu; Crunchy Chipotle Ranch Chicken Cups, Chipotle Ranch Bacon-Chicken Bites, Baked Brie Bites, Martini Steak Skewers, Chipotle Ranch Chex Mix & Spicy Chipotle Ranch Nuts- where the Wildtree product of the month was a Spicy Chipotle Ranch marinade blend. All of these appetizers looked REALLY good and it sounds like the chicken cups were a favorite in the group as a whole.

I have no idea how the dessert tasted or what was even in them, but the name and presentation alone have me wishing I did!!

Not fair- I WILL be making it to class in Jan, I can't miss another month. I hope that you will be able to join us in the coming months in the new year of 2014!

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~Dawn~ said...

I need to attend another one of these awesome classes SOON!