* Your Christmas Tree

While I seem to STILL be on a blogging break, I thought this was fun 'Tis the Season and all.

Around here we are getting ready for Christmas with our tree cut & up and decorated with MULTICOLORED lights allll over it!

[multi-color proof]

I shared this list today on facebook too (and NEED to mention that this was NOT my list- it's from the K102 Amy James news feed and then I added a few of my own- but originally this is a source from Readers Digest) I really really DO want a fake tree only because I am the one that turns the tree off every night and every time I leave the house, even if it's to run down to the mailbox (KIDDING- kind of).

I also posted, yesterday, that I listened to the new Britney album while decorating the tree during nap time. Some might argue that "what you listen to while decorating your tree, has A LOT more to say about yourself" but... I do want to mention that we did listen to Christmas music while we put the lights on the tree last weekend.

[the song "Brightest Morning Star" was a GREAT song for tree decorating!!]

[clearing... Avrie is an extrovert as well!!]

So... how is your tree decorated this year/every year!?


Katie F said...

This is hilarious! We are extroverts too I guess. I need to do that felt tree. So cute!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

White blinky lights. Uptight with ADD. Sounds about right.

Ashley said...

Haha! Great list - mine is a fake tree with multi-colored lights...fits me fairly well! ;)
Yours looks great!

Melissa @ i carry your heart said...

We do white lights on a real tree and I turn them off any time i go anywhere....but that's because I'm the daughter of a firefighter :)

Brianne said...

So funny! Avrie is so adorable!

Katie @ yellowmangolife.blogspot.com said...

A is so cute! Love the felt tree.

Speaking of Britney, I've been watching/reading some of the reviews - are you getting excited for your trip?!?!