* 4th of July [@ the lake]

Are you ready for a little more sunshine here on this ol' neglected blog of mine!? Ok, grreaaaaat! ;)

I want to continue wrapping up our Summer with sharing all of our fun trips to the lake. To begin, I will talk about the 4th Of July! Yes that one red, white and blue Holiday that happened 7... SEVEN months ago! This includes our celebrations the day of and the Holiday weekend!  

**WARNING: too many TONS of pictures**

Soooo.... The 4th of July fun fact, besides the MN State Fair, it's my favorite Summer Holiday! I enjoy every aspect of celebrating via the red, white and blue & to watching a loud parade in the HOT HOT sun! AND this is also a pretty important date for Aaron and I. Even more so, AN AWESOME memory of the Teeks [check out why, HERE] ANNNNNND I have some of the best childhood memories that include being apart of the Afton parade with Gma & Gpa Schlomka and all of my cousins. Now, before I get into this year's celebration, I have to look back on Avrie's cute red, white & blue wardrobe this year! We started out the week by making a fun shirt for the day of 4th of July. It was a fun little arts & crafts project.

[thanks for the idea DAWN!]

We (haha I) had a fun week pulling together fun summer outfits to represent being patriotic!


Getting back to the 4th, Forest Lake has a HUGE 4th of July celebration in town that includes music, food, a carnival, a huge parade and awesome fireworks at Lake #1. On July 3rd (the true holiday of this town, i swear) we headed up town for some rides, people watching and fair food snacks. Our friend Adam was with as well, we enjoyed dinner at Don Julio's before parking to walk up town. 

[Bottom right] Avrie and I rode the carousel and she LOVED it! I have mentioned her being on a carousel ride a few times this past summer, but this particular time was her first. Aaron caught a great picture of us mid spin. I guess you can say that I was having fun too!

[Top right] Aaron and Avrie went down the big slide and she thought that was pretty cool! I just love the pure joy in all of her facial expressions when trying something new and fun for the first time. There's Aaron having a blast as well! :) We headed for home around dark and as soon as the bug were starting to bite.

On the morning of the 4th the sun was shining and it was looking to be a pretty hot day! We got dressed, had breakfast and headed out to find a parking spot for the parade. The Forest Lake parade (for whatever reason) is a busy one so it's best to get there and find a good spot for viewing! We had plans to meet up with the Stevens- they were already in the perfect spot near the end of the route.

Hudson saved a seat in his cute little wagon just for Avrie to enjoy the parade with him. They had so much fun collecting candy and waving their flags at everyone in the parade. I have to say that the Pinehaven float (or something Halloween) was SUPER creepy, especially for the little ones, but other than that it was fun!

After every float was thru, and the parade was finished, it is safe to say that Avrie's favorite treat was a cherry sucker! She also REALLY liked the fruity tootsie rolls- my fav too!

We said our goodbyes to the Stevens and headed home. I recall each of us taking a THREE hour nap that afternoon!! We were all wore out from the morning sun & fun! After we were refreshed we headed over to hang out with Stevens', yet again, but at their home on the Lake #3. Michelle and Olivia also came over to play for the evening!

[ECFE mom friends and our "babies!"]

For the occasion, Vince & Amber hosted a barbecue and a pontoon ride. Our late napping had us missing out on the pontoon ride. As soon as everyone was back; Olivia, Hudson & Avrie had a blast running around and playing until the sun went down.

[BFFs coordinate their outfits for holidays! 
haha SO not planned]

It wasn't in the stars for us to stay up late enough for fireworks so we headed home just before dark. It was such a great day and if I close my eyes tight enough... I can almost feel that sunshine on my shoulders!

To end 4th of July day I want to share with my MOST FAVORITE photo from the day. Avrie was just exhausted by the end of the day, so much that we found her hanging out on the hammock being simply.... ADORABLE!

That pose. Those eyes... Her little finger in her mouth...


I love everything about this picture- it is by far my favorite photo from the Summer!


Now, onto the Holiday weekend! We headed up to Hayward to hang out with Mom & Paul, Kevin, Naser & Kristin [and their dogs]. We had a great weekend of fun in the sun, and as always a great group of friends to spend it with.


Avrie had a great time playing in the water with her life jacket, filling a beach bucket with seaweed, sand, water and shells & catching teeny tiny little fish with "uncle" chicken. It's the little things, huh?!

Out on the sandbar, Grandma Ertle worked on a little bit of "swimming" with Avrie. 

Let's hope that Avrie learns to swim like her Dad
 and NOT at all like her Mom!

It also wouldn't have been a 4th of July weekend without Paul's fireworks on the beach. Paul goes all out each year spending lots of monies $$$ to "out-firework" & entertain the neighbors. We had SO much fun watching Avrie experience the sparkly display.

She had just turned a year old last year but this year, being that she is two, she knew what fireworks were and LOVED how pretty they were. We had a fun little blanket bed set up on the floor in the screen porch to watch them front row- it was perfect!

On our last day for this lake weekend, the sun was out without a cloud in the sky...

[ok, there were a couple of clouds BUT lots of sun, 
which is what counts!]

...isn't that how it ALWAYS goes when it's time to head home!? 

We all decided to hangout well into the afternoon and enjoy as much time as we could on the lake and in the "fast boat" as Avrie likes to call it.

[popcorn and the lake #boatlife]

The boys did a little bit of skiing. I sat on the front of the boat sunning myself, blowing bubbles and drinking Lime-a-Ritas, yum! We headed home later that afternoon with proof of sun on our shoulders, Y-OUCH!


WELP, I'm exhausted, and I have decided that I am going to yet again break up this sunny post ONE MORE TIME... otherwise this will post will meet requirements for the guinness book of world record's "longest- most SO LAST YEAR 'ugh give it up lady' post EVERRRRR!"

Check back Wednesday for fun at the beach {close to home}, the pool {again, close to home} and later this week a couple of weekends in Crosslake {not so close to home!} Keep warm friends, as today is Monday and schools are closed AGAIN due to frigid cold temps!


~Dawn~ said...

So fun to have this post show up in my feed today - it definitely took me back to the days of WARM sun and sand!! THANK YOU! :)

LOVE Avrie's wardrobe for the 4th!!
And that hammock picture better be framed!! So cute!

Brianne said...

Love all of the pictures. I miss summer so much!!